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Aluminum WIndow Machine
Aluminum WIndow Machine
1.This machine is one any angle CNC cutting saw, which is professional for cutting aluminum profiles.

2.The machine adopts Schneider System


      1.The machine is the most advanced double-head cutting saw.

      2.The control system adopts the new closed-loop system, and can ensure the accuracy of repeat length.

      3.The imported blade with high precision makes the cutting surface smoothly.

      3.The servomotor drives the speed reducer to adjust the cutting angle in 45°-157.5°

      4.The imported control system can ensure the cutting quality.

      5.Several profile processing dimensions can be input one time and make continuous cutting.

      6.The imported service motor with high moving speed and high precision should drive the sawing head.

      7.The machine has label printing function (option).


      Voltage: 380V 50HZ

      Power: 6.8KW

      Air pressure: 0.5-0.8MPa

      Blade specification:Φ500×Φ30×4.4Z=120 (standard size)

      Cutter moving speed: 0-2m/min

      Cutting length: Max5000mm   Min480 at90°

      Cutting width: 120mm

      Cutting height: 230mm

      Cutting angle: 45°-157.5°

      Repeat locating length error: ±0.2mm

      Surface plainness: ±4′

      Overall dimension: 6800mmX1500mmX2040mm





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