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The wind pressure strength, good impact resistance. Wind strength is mainly refers to the window in the wind and rain under pressure, the window frame in terms of the ability of resistance to bending deformation. Under strong wind blowing,
Hardware accessories is responsible for the frame of door window and door tightly coupled components, metal price is not high, not its existence, Windows will only become a death, will lose the meaning of the doors and Windows. We from the performance of
Whether it is aluminum alloy door or aluminum alloy windows, decoration owners in the purchase of such products must note the following points
At the time of installation of Aluminium window machine construction, should pay attention to the items:
Insulation broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows machine in terms of classification, and mainly are cutting class doors and Windows machinery, set of Angle class machine, milling machine and stamping machines. Each has its unique characteristics, the m
Aluminium window machine production, installation, need what special
According to different materials, the window can be divided into wooden window, steel window, Aluminum window machine, glass steel window and plastic window, etc.