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PVC Profiles Cutting Saw
PVC Profiles Cutting Saw
1.This machine can be used for cuttiing aluminum and PVC profiles

2.It's manual type , you need adjust angle and cutting size maually

PVC Profiles Cutting Saw Parameters

1.Used  to  cut Aluminum Profile 45° ~90°~45°.

2.Pressure  Drive and Linear feeding steadly.

3. Motion of head by imported linear bearing pair .

4. Cut both profile and corner stake. 

5. Solid and Rigid structure  , Safe and Reliable , High Precision  , Large Range ,Efficiency and Easy Operation


Power:                                        380V 50Hz (Three phase, four wire)

Motor power:                          2×1.5Kw

Rotary Speed:                         2800rpm

Trailer Motor:                         0.55kw

Rotary Speed:                         1400rpm

Air pressure:                           0.4—0.6Mpa

Air consumption:                      200L/min

Cutting length:                         Max 3700mm   Min 400mm

Cutting height:                         Max 200mm

Cutting width:                          Max 120 mm

Cutting angle:                          -45° 90° 45°

Feeding speed:                          0--3m/min (variable-speed)

Saw blade dimension:              Φ450×4.×Φ30×Z120

Overall dimension:                   4700mm×1600mm×1600mm

Weight:                                    1500Kg

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