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PVC Window CNC Corner Cleaning Machine
PVC Window CNC Corner Cleaning Machine
1.For cleaning PVC profile weeding seam .    
2..Cleaning the up/button surface and the external corner

PVC Window CNC Corner Cleaning Machine Features

1.For cleaning PVC profile weeding seam .     

2.Doable -axis control system   

3.Cleaning the up/button surface and the external corner   

4.High processing precision  due to size error compensation function .   

5.Can store many program for various profile processing .


Voltage                                                          380V  50Hz

Main electric motor power                             1.7KW

Working air pressure                                     0.5-0.7MPa

Air consumption                                             200L/min

Main milling cutter rotating speed                 2800r/min

Profile height                                                 30-120mm

Profile width                                                  30-110mm

Dimension with the profile bracket                2000mmX1930mmX1500mm

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