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PVC WIndow Corner Cleaning Machine With CNC
PVC WIndow Corner Cleaning Machine With CNC
1.This machine is the most advanced CNC corner cleaning machine, it has six cutter

2.It can clean buttom, up ,external and internal corner

PVC WIndow Corner Cleaning Machine With CNC Features

1.For cleaning PVC profile weeding seam .     

2.Touching Screen make it easier to operate

3.Cleaning the up/button surface and the external /internal corner   

4.High processing precision  due to size error compensation function .   

5.Can store many program for various profile processing .


Voltage                                                          380V  50Hz

Main electric motor power                             2.0KW

Working air pressure                                     0.5-0.7MPa

Air consumption                                             200L/min

Main milling cutter rotating speed                 2800r/min

Profile height                                                 30-120mm

Profile width                                                  30-110mm

Dimension with the profile bracket                2000mmX1930mmX1500mm

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