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PVC Window Mullion Saw
PVC Window Mullion Saw
1.This machine is used for mullion cutting of plastic door window

2. Horizontal structure for high cutting precision

PVC Window Mullion Saw Features

1.This machine is used for mullion cutting of plastic door window

2.Two cutting blades are in the space of 90 degree layout,a clamp is installed at the same time to complete two v-shape cutting head ,with high cutting precision and high productivity

3. Horizontal structure for high cutting precision

4. Cutting waste is produced in the curf only,make good use of the profiles


Working air pressure:                      0.5-0.8 Mpa

Air consumption:                              15L/min

Power supply:                                   380V 50Hz

Input power:                                    2.2 Kw

Saw blade rotary:                            2800r/min
Cutting Length:                                300-3500mm
Cutting height:                                 90mm
Cutting width                                   120mm
Dimension:                                       3500mm×1720mm×1390mm
Weight:                                           300Kg

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