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SFC1800 Insulating Glass Production Line
SFC1800 Insulating Glass Production Line
1.This machine is used for making double glass,triple glass , big and small glass and so on

2.Maximum processing size for this line 1800X3000mm

SFC1800 Insulating Glass Production Line Features

1. This Panel Press Production Line is a completely automatic insulating glass production line (Can produce LOW-E insulating glass).
2. Then entire machine adopts the PLC controls the working condition.
3. Adopts the imported vacuum generator and sucker, the suction effect to the glass could be much better.
4. The presses section adopts the unique straight guide rail, full guarantee the parallel press fits.
5. Bases the customers' different requdst, the entire machine can be improved and produce the Step IG Unit and Three Piece IG production(It is a special custom-made order). 


Voltage                                                380V 50Hz    

Total Power                                         23KW

Cleaning Speed                                   2-12m/min

Max. Work Speed                              48m/min

Min. Glass Size                                   250X480nn

Max. Glass Size                                 1800X2500mm    

Max Insulating Glass Thickness        40mm

Air Consumption                                 600L/min

Dimension                                           16920X2500X2890mm     

Total Weight                                      5500KG


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